two-month online workshop, March 2, 2023 - April 27, 2023
Our course is not just training. It is an expert coaching program where you, together with our advisers – experienced founders, investors and entrepreneurs, meet 2 times a week for 2 months, in a mini–group of only 10 people, and fully build your current or potential fundraising campaign from A to Z.
10 years of VC investment experience in Fort Ross Ventures, Seedstars, Da Vinci Capital and McKinsey & Company. 20+ deals with a total volume of more than $150M.
Serial entrepreneur. 17+ years' experience. Launched four startups with successful exits. Has vast experience in business development & fundraising in the USA.
a Step-by-step Methodology for Early-Stage Startups
Olga Frid
Kir Rozhkovsky
Denis Efremov
Entrepreneur and investor. 15+ years' experience, incl. 10+ years for Microsoft. Fundraising experience in Europe, the USA, the CIS, and MENA. Mentor at 500 Startups, MassChallenge Boston Accelerator.
Working with us for 2 months, both in a group 2 times a week and independently with your team, you will fully build a systematic campaign to raise the rounds of pre-seed, seed, A: prepare materials for investors, prepare and launch e-mail and LinkedIn outreach campaigns, start forming your own warm network with investors. All this will be done according to the various types of methodology used in the best accelerators; for example, 500global, Alchemist, YC, based on the experience of Microsoft, IBM outreach campaigns, and so on (everyone knows that raising a round of investments is a B2B sale).

After two months of working together, a DEMO DAY for international venture investors will be held for the participants of the course, which will help you both with the round and with building a personal network.
Olga Frid, Founder & CEO at IFG Lab.
Is the online workshop right for you?
  • Startup Founders
    For startup founders raising the first early rounds (up to and including A)
  • Investor Relations Pros
    For IR specialists who plan to systematize their knowledge and experience
  • Mentors and advisers of startups
    For specialists who receive requests from startups to raise investments
  • CEO/COO of startups
    For startup CEO/COO at the fundraising stage
Value and artefacts that participants receive
  • ONLY practice, NOT theory: our team fully accompanies your fundraising
  • Working with real expert practitioners, investors, accelerator mentors
  • Understanding Venture Investors as your Target Audience
  • Understanding the venture capital ecosystem and how investors make decisions
  • Understanding the right investment strategy
  • Recommendations for working with materials for investors
  • Templates of all necessary documents: presentations, blurbs, letters, etc.
  • Necessary tools for warming up, mailing, networking, how to work with them, and evaluating KPIs
  • Understanding of the investor pipeline management and CRM
  • List of tools for working with a pipeline, correspondence
  • Recommendations for negotiating directly from a venture investor
How to participate
  • $850 per month when paying monthly
    $1500 for 2 months at once
    For 2 months, meeting with our experts 2 times a week, as well as working independently on their assignment, you build a professional fundraising campaign for your current round
  • $2400 for 2 months at once +
    the work of our analysts is included
    In addition to your work in a group, by the beginning of the 2nd month you will receive the CRM database of 1000 contacts of investors who are relevant to your product, country, and stage, collected by our analysts
  • 5000 US/month for 2-4 months + 6% fee
    we work with you individually
    Our most usual format of work within the framework of a personalized fundraising campaign delivered for you by our team of 5 experts, including materials and databases, communication with investors as a part of your team
Online workshop program
Month 1. Preparation of materials and initial data
(8 hours in a group + independent work)
Session 1
Fundraising as a team work and a project: where to start, what and when to do.
Task: build a plan for our project, engage a team, and start warming up our e-mails for outreach campaigns.
Session 2
Data room: what should be in a data room? It all starts with a Pitch Deck.
Task: check for your project precisely what there is and is not in the data-room.
Session 3
Preparing a pitch deck: a typical structure as any investor wants to see it.
Task: check and rework the pitch deck.
Session 4
Preparing a LinkedIn Campaign: Company Page and Founder Page.
Task: rework LinkedIn according to recommendations.
Session 5
Investor database: where to get information, how to clean and enrich data
Task: give a task to the data preparation manager, start collecting the database
Session 6
Finalizing the Pitch Deck: checking Pitch Decks after reworking
Task: finalize the remaining details and make a video pitch
Session 7
Completing work on data-room materials
Task: prepare a one-pager, blurb, and other materials
Session 8
Checking that everything is ready, collecting a picture of the outreach launch
Task: plan outreach campaigns
Launch of outreach campaigns
(8 hours in a group + independent work)
Session 1
Proper management of investor CRM
Task: start CRM and enter the first data there
Session 2
Preparation of e-mail content and LinkedIn messages
Task: Prepare all texts for your campaigns
Session 3
Setting up and launching an e-mail campaign
Task: launch a test email campaign
Session 4
Setting up and launching a LinkedIn campaign
Task: launch a test LinkedIn campaign
Session 5
Building a strategic network
Task: create a list of target investors and advisors for the strategic network
Session 6
Results of outreach campaigns, metrics, and conclusions from them
Task: check your metrics and draw conclusions, corrections
Session 7
Communication with investors in the "funnel", selling a meeting / call
Task: go to your first meetings
Занятие 8
Proper communication with the investor, collecting feedback from investors
Task: get your first feedback from investors
Online workshop presenters
Denis Efremov
Author of the Telegram channel @proVenture
Europe, UAE
Principal of Fort Ross Ventures.

He has more than 10 years’ experience in venture and private equity investments and consulting at Fort Ross Ventures, Seedstars, Da Vinci Capital, and McKinsey & Company.

Participated in more than 20 transactions totaling more than $150M in the USA, UK, Europe and the CIS.

Member of the Forbes rating "30 to 30".
  • Olga Frid
    Founder of IFG Lab.
    Boston, New York, Miami, USA
    Entrepreneur, investor, consultant on international business development and working with investments. 15+ years’ experience, including about ten years in business development for Microsoft. Fundraising experience in Europe, USA, CIS and MENA. Accelerator Mentor: 500 Global and MassChallenge Boston.

    Harvard PE&VC
  • Kir Rozhkovsky
    Partner at IFG Lab.
    New York, USA
    A serial entrepreneur with more than 17 years of experience Has launched 4 startups, each with a successful exit.

    Has vast experience in business development and fundraising in the USA.

    Has passed 5 accelerators in the USA and Europe with his projects.
  • Anna Barysheva
    Manager of fundraising projects at IFG Lab.
    European region
    Involved in the development of innovative projects since 2010.

    Before starting work in IFG Lab., she was developing and launching effective investment outreach campaigns for over 6 years in various startups - from creating a contact base to communicating with investors and receiving investments.
  • Alexa Mishkur
    Expert on outreach campaigns at IFG Lab..
    Mexico City, Mexico
    More than 10 years in marketing. For the last 4 years, she has been actively studying the subtleties of outreach in the USA and other countries and setting up email/LinkedIn campaigns for these markets.

    Before that, she worked for about 5 years in finance at BNP Paribas Group.
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