Investor Relations as a Service for Startups
Professional support program for early-stage startups & businesses entering international markets
We help startups at seed, post-seed and series A stages to create fundraising strategy & communicate with strategic VCs and business angels
Why Founders Ask for Our Help |
With the help of our IR experts and operational team, we build a robust and long-term investor relations and fundraising strategy as part of the business development strategy of your company.

With the feedback and help of our mentors (500Global, YC, TechStarts, etc.), we prepare "best-in-class" assets for the campaign showing all the necessary points about your company in the most exciting way for potential investors.

With our operational team and project managers, identify and contact the most relevant business angels and investment funds, and make your campaign a well-planned, clear, and manageable process.
Investor Relations a Service
Lack of time: the founder is usually focused on business development, team management, and communication with customers, but not on the permanent investor relations process

Lack of people: early-stage startups do not usually hire separate investment relations managers, so the current team is not entirely focused on the fundraising process

Lack of VC network: if it is the first startup, the founder perhaps hasn't built a strong VC network yet and doesn't have a lot of experience communicating with VCs
Сhallenges faced by founders
What You Get
Investor relations strategy not only for the current series but for the next ones too

All the tools & assets for successful fundraising: data-room with a pitch deck, teaser, video pitch, invest memo, letter for investors, etc. - all you need to start any fundraising campaign

Preconfigured CRM with a list of relevant investors & funds, communication strategy, and lifehacks

The best-prepared team
of experts and project managers who are ready to deliver your fundraising campaign professionally

Well-established investor relations & process that allow you to set up long-term relations and network not only for the current series but for the whole future investment strategy
How it Works |
Receiving your request for pre-qualification
We do not work with all requests we receive. We start our joint fundraising campaign only if we are sure we can help you receive the money.

That is why at the very beginning we ask you some questions about your stage and plans for the fundraising: how much you are raising, the time you have for it, etc.; about your current cup table and English level. Our experts will check your current pitch deck.

The duration of this stage is 1 hour.
Developing an investor relations strategy
Strategic discussion: we look at your current fundraising stage and synchronize our visions, strategy and work structure, expectations from the campaign, and a picture of the result.

During the session, we will propose a four-month action plan, since this is the optimal period to do the most important parts of fundraising: assets preparation, creation and work with the pipeline of investors.

The duration of this stage is 1 hour.
Creating all the assets for the data-room
At this stage, we will gather all the important information about your team & product, prepare documents, and create all assets for communication with investors.

With the help of our expert and all the templates provided, you'll create or update your data-room with a pitch deck, the text of your pitch, teaser, invest-memo, video pitch, and a money request e-mail to investors.

The duration of this stage is 1.5 months.
Working with pipeline of investors
After we prepare all the assets, we'll start working with investors. At this stage, we will create and work with a pipeline of investors.

We will:
- create a list of the most relevant investors and funds,
- manage the mailing list,
- build and maintain communication,
- modify and complete presentation materials upon further requests.

The duration of this stage is 2.5 months.
Why us |
  • We do not just "send your info to investors from our database"; we check and manage the process; we help you to prepare precisely the materials investors want to receive; we take a lot of preparation work as we know how difficult it can be for founders to control everything simultaneously.
  • Our team has worked with venture capital for 10+ years and understands perfectly not just how to fundraise, but how to build long-term relationships with investors. We know how to create your long-term fundraising strategy in connection with your business development strategy.
  • We have a massive pool of specialists in any specialization: financial, legal, design, proofreading, relocation, business modeling, business development, sales, and marketing. Therefore, we can find a professional to cover all of your needs during our co-operation.
The smartest people work every day to provide the best service and to make our clients happy
  • Olga Frid
    General Partner, IFG Lab. /Boston, NY, Miami
    Business development consultant, entrepreneur, and investor. 15+ years of experience, incl. about ten years in Business Development for Microsoft. Fundraising experience in Europe, USA, CIS, and MENA). Mentor at 500 Startups, MassChellenge Boston Accelerator.

    Harvard PE&VC
  • Kir Rozhkovsky
    Partner, IFG Lab. / NY USA
    Serial entrepreneur. 17+ years of experience. Launched four startups with a successful exits. Has vast experience in business development & fundraising in the USA.
  • Alexa Mishkur
    Expert on Outreach Campaigns / Mexico
    In marketing for over 10 years. For the last 4 years, has been actively working and launching outreach campaigns in the US and helping to set up email/LinkedIn campaigns for this market. Before that, about 5 years in marketing for financial sector at BNP Paribas Group.
  • Costa Rodha
    Expert on Fundraising & BusDev / NY USA
    Entrepreneur with 12+ experience: B2B sales (L'Oreal, Estée Lauder, LVMH); business development & fundraising (France, U.S. CIS, MENA); 2 acceleration programs (Paris, New York); product development & operations. Featured in: Financial Times, Forbes, Le Figaro, Le Monde.

    INSEAD Executive MBA
  • Gulia Hintze
    Expert on BusDev / Munich Germany
    Marketing and business development expert with more than 10 years of experience in IT. Ex-Microsoft B2B Enterprise Marketing. Since 2018, has been cooperating with technology startups and helping to bring them to the DACH market.
  • Elena Senik
    Expert on Finance, / San Paulo Brazil
    Entrepreneur, consultant. Handled tasks related to the Investors' work with startups all over the globe (2002-2008) and, since 2011, in Brazil. Founder of Umbô, a successfully developing DeepTech Startup.

    MBA, specialized in Corporate Finance - FGV-EAESP (São Paulo, 2011).